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Sarthak Sidhant

Welcome to my website! I'm a web developer, creative freelancer, and a student. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work and feel free to contact me to discuss your project. Let's create something amazing together!

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Introducing Sidhant Hyperspace

Learn More About Sidhant Hyperspace, an Umbrella company to host all my projects in.

Python Advanced Guide

The Great Python Guide, Although labelled 'Advanced', It's Really Basic and Will Help All Of You Learn Python in A Simple and fun way

How to Create a Website for Free

I am a webdeveloper, and recently, I have created a guide through Which, A muggle like YOU can create a Website, The Guide is Simple and Comedic. Check it out!

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About Myself

Hi, I'm Sarthak Sidhant, a 16-year-old tech enthusiast and self-taught programmer. Passionate about innovation, I enjoy coding, website design, and task automation. As the Founder of Sidhant Hyperspace, I lead various projects including Decodificate, Rellek-Z, and PANEL. Additionally, I write blogs on The Innovator's Insight and offer programming guidance. My goal is to create software that solves real-world problems and inspire others to develop problem-solving skills. Open to new challenges and growth opportunities, I thrive on brainstorming creative ideas. Together, let's make a positive impact on the world. Have a great day!

Offered Services

Commercial Services Offered By Me To Help Some Of You Out!

Software Development

I develop Software in Python, Java, JS, C for Fields Like Automation, Engineering and More

Web Development

Get The Most Affordable Website - personal or business built with creative ideas!
Both Front-End & Back-End

Discord Bots

I've A Great Experience in Coding Discord Bots, I would make a fully custom discord bot for you in Java And/Or Python!


Completed Projects


Ongoing Projects




Hours Of Experience

My Projects

Here are some of my favourite and best works.

HoomansBOT (WIP)

A Bot That Knows All About Humans

Aetheral Survival

A Minecraft Plugin-Based Server

Smart Chatbot (WIP)

A Bot That Talks Exactly Like Humans

Rellekk-Z (WIP)

An Interpreter For Deaf And Mute People

Sarthak's 3 AM Ideas

Engineering Ideas That Have A Great Potential

AI Auto-Clipping Bot (WIP)

An AI Based-Auto Clipper, Smells The Moment!

Detailed Services

This is the detailed list of services I provide with Their Maximum Price.


Bots And Host

  • Custom Bots With 10-15 Cmds
  • AI Based Bots
  • Bot Hosted On Bagel.Land



Setups And Plugins

  • Full Minecraft Server Setup
  • Custom Plugins And Mods
  • Reliable Server Hosting



Development And Design

  • Front-End & Back-End
  • Unlimited Styles for interface
  • Revisions And Hosting



The Power Of Photoshop

  • Smooth & Abstract Designs
  • Commercial Matter
  • Exclusive AI-Based Art